About the company

For the production of all kinds of chocolate pastes and nuts (hazelnut, peanut, etc.), dark, milk and white - is used, in particular, oil "Noto-19" (Denmark). Feature "Nagao-19" consists in the ability to adsorb to the paste other oils (e.g., walnut). This prevents the oils on the surface of the pasta and makes it stable to phase separation at high temperature (28 °C). The chocolate paste is spread well at low temperatures (5 °C).

Chocolate paste is characterized by the following properties: spread in a wide temperature range (5-28 °C); retain uniform consistency, not stratified during storage;

contain low levels of oil (30 %);
retain the taste and aroma of cocoa, nuts, milk.
Technology of preparation of chocolate paste comprises: mixing in the mixer; pathvalley grinding at the mill; finish in ansmachine.